White flesh dragon fruit

Features: The fruit is oval shaped. Pink color on the fruit skin surface, sepal are green. White flesh with black seed dotted all over.

Specification : 

Small size: 300-450g

Big size: 450-650g

Packing: Class A: 5kg x 1050 boxes/Cont 20FT, 5kg x 2608 boxes/Cont 40FT

Class B : 14 kg x 528 boxes/ Cont 20Ft, 14kg x 1260 boxes/ Cont40Ft

Transportation: Sea Freight, Air Freight

Quotation; : Negotiable according to order or by month. 

Benefit : 

Helping to control glucose level

Strengthenging bones and teeth

Preventing respiratory problems

Protecting against cancer and heart disease

Helping to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals

Lowering cholesterol

Preventing memory loss