Red Flesh Dragon Fruit

Features :

The fruit is oval shaped

Pink skin is covered in scales

Red flesh with blacki seed dotted all  over

Season : can be harvested all around year, light bulbs are used to stimulate dragon fruit trees from Novemberto March to produce fruits in low season. 


Small size: 300-450g

Big size: 450-650g

Packing : 

Class A : 5kg x 1050 boxes/cont 20 FT, 5kg x 2608 boxes/ cont 40Ft

Class B: 14kg x 528 boxes/ Cont 20Ft, 14kg x 1260 boxes/ Cont 40 Ft

Transportation : Sea Freight, Air Freight

Quotation: negotiable according to order or by month

Benefit :

Controlling glucose level

improving bones and teeth health

Preventing respiratory problems

Protecting against cancer and heart disease

Helping to neutralize cell damaging free radicals

Reducing cholesterol

Preventing memory loss

Boosting immunity